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This handy infographic gathers together ten things you need to know about MACRA and new payment models.  
This short video it about Accountable Communities of Health.  Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) bring together leaders from multiple health sectors around the state with a common interest in improving health and health equity. As ACHs better align resources and activities they improve whole person health and wellness.
Find out more about Washington's Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) with this reference sheet.
This document lists Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) contacts and governance. It is an excerpt from “Building the Foundation for Regional Health Improvement: Evaluating Washington’s Accountable Communities of Health.”
This resource features a video interview from a series with behavioral health experts. In this video, Dr. Brad Anderson, Chief of Addictions Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, talks about the ways that addiction treatment services have been integrated into primary care and what works well.
APA's Telepsychiatry Toolkit — developed by the APA Work Group on Telepsychiatry — is an evolving resource for members who want to learn about the various aspects of telepsychiatry, including clinical, training, and policy considerations. As new topics emerge, more resources and information will be added to this toolkit. The toolkit covers topics from History, training, practice/clinical, reimbursement and legal issues from leading psychiatrists.
In the fall of 2014, I led a focus group discussion at the Physician Assistant Education Association Conference called “Avoiding Leadership Burnout: How to Help Students Find the Balance.” This discussion brought back my own feelings and thoughts about PA school, and how it had seemed to be one of the more difficult times in my life.
This resource describes the job description and role of a behavioral health care manager.
In order to successfully and completely integrate behavioral health, CareSouth Carolina adopted several practice changes.
Dorchester House in Boston shares their model, milestones, and lessons learned from their process integrating behavioral health services into primary care.